Car panel repair and dent removal Newcastle

At Steve O’Connor Smash Repairs, we repair all types of damage including small dings and major dents.


Our panel beaters are some of the best in the business delivering vehicles back to their owners in pre-accident condition, or better. We use the latest innovations to provide the most effective results.


Put our expertise to work, call our Newcastle panel beaters for a free no-obligation quote.

Side View of Orange Car — Smash Repair in Edgeword, NSW

Dent Removal

From hail damage to car park mishaps, we provide hassle-free dent removal services.


Our highly trained team can get rid of dents by precisely applying pressure, with specialised tools, from behind the panel. We also use a pulling method that involves tugging the steel back into its original position.


These methods don’t often require cutting, welding or filling the damaged area. In most cases this type of dent removal won’t affect the paint, is cost effective and can be done quicker than other methods.


If your paint is affected by the dent removal, we’ll utilise our full spray-painting services. Read more, here.