Car restoration & rust repair Newcastle

Here at Steve O’Connor Smash Repairs we’re passionate about giving vehicles a new lease on life with our full restoration services.


The final aspect of the restoration is to restore the interior and exterior components. Our team will recommend motor trimmers who produce the highest quality workmanship.


In the workshop, we utilise our state-of-the-art equipment, including a spray booth and baking oven, to bring your vehicle back to life. We can even match the paintwork to the original, or to your specifications.


If you have a classic or vintage vehicle, entrust our skilled team with the restoration. We have a wealth of experience and a sharp attention to detail.


Call our team to discuss your restoration project today.

Gray Colored Car — Smash Repair in Edgeword, NSW

For all vehicles rust is a serious and enduring problem that should be dealt with at first sight. By calling Steve O’Connor Smash Repairs you can protect your vehicle from major issues.


We can repair rusted areas on all cars, trucks, boats and caravans. We will remove the rust carefully by sanding back the affected area. We’ll then prime the area, use a base coat, add a clear coat and complete a final buff.


If you have a major rust issue, speak to our team about the process.